• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Favorite WOD :: Murph
Least Favorite WOD :: Anything with chest-to-bar pull-ups

My fitness journey began as a medical necessity.  I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was two years old.  I use exercise to help me regulate my blood sugar levels. I was already active prior to starting CrossFit, but I would work out in spurts.  I would train for, and complete half marathons, then not workout for a few months.  Once I began CrossFit, I became a regular attendee.  The fact that I didn’t have to figure out what to do at the gym was a huge draw for me, and there is so much variety in what we do, I’ve never felt bored.

I am a teacher by profession, and I have always enjoyed pushing my students just slightly outside of their comfort zone to help them rise to challenges they didn’t think they could achieve. Since that is part of what makes up CrossFit, I realized it would be a great fit (and a nice break from my normal teenage, eye-rolling students). What I love about coaching is sharing my passion for finding new levels of fitness each time a WOD is completed.

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