Hope at CrossFit Kent Island

Craig, Heather and Adam after Hope. They eventually got up, I swear!

Craig, Heather and Adam in better spirits

I’m proud of you guys.  CrossFit for Hope was a well-designed workout, if you value punishing burpees followed by technical snatches, just the first two of five movements executed for max reps in a minute.  It’s also for a great cause – the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital – and although we didn’t get sponsors and raise money this year, I am thinking now about all the suffering that was felt at CrossFit boxes around the world today as everyone did the workout, and the suffering that the money raised will hopefully prevent of kids with cancer.  What a great event and a great workout, and I hope they keep it going next year – we’ll definitely be on the money train then.
Kenny and Craig tied for the high member score (with no scaling) at 178 reps, getting their name on the CFKI Record Board!  Adam McConnell of CrossFit Nation in Easton came up for a workout with Craig and Heather, and threw up a dominating score of 219 reps, with a record high 85 reps in the first round.  Adam is a CrossFit trainer as well as a Parkour instructor- check out CrossFit Nation sometime if you ever want to learn how to move around/over object like a ninja!
Here’s the workout again in all it’s glory.  Great job again to everyone and see you tomorrow for Open Gym at 2pm.  Come on by to work on technique or get a workout in that you missed this week.
3 Rounds for total reps:
1 minute of Burpees
1 minute of Power Snatches, 75lbs/45lbs
1 minute of Box Jumps, 24in/20in box
1 minute of Thrusters, 75lbs/45lbs
1 minute of Chest-to-Bar Pullups
1 minute rest

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