Breakthroughs that happen in class are so awesome to experience, and in the past couple days we have seen some big ones.  Yesterday, Mike and Andy came through for themselves in stringing together multiple Double-Unders, saving valuable lung capacity and vastly increasing their chance of a good WOD time.  Today Andy came through with a second breakthrough in two days on the Clean, a technical Olympic lift that takes a lot of practice and even more trust in your legs’ ability to stand back up from the bottom of a heavy squat.  Kenny joined him in this breakthrough today, and helped Andy see the potential of the full squat in doing heavy cleans.
Andy was fiendishly motivated after understanding the Clean, and took on “Grace” by himself – 30 Clean and Jerks at 135 lbs for time.  His measure of performance… and it is definitely going up on the CFKI Record Board this way… was that he completed the workout in “one and a half rap songs”.
As many rounds as possible in 20 mins:
Run 400M
Pullups for max reps
Score is total rounds and total pullups completed

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