Pre-Event Prep: One Week Out

Extra-special Sunday post going out this week to those of you that are competing in the True Paw fitness competition next Saturday.  We have one more training week before the event, and I know quite a few people are competing for the first time, so I thought I would share my strategy going into the week.
The main goal of this last week before a CrossFit competition — or any event where you want to perform at your highest level — is to come out of the week feeling great.  That means a little bit less of a few things, and a little bit more of some others.
Less intensity.  You know how sometimes CrossFit workouts make you feel abnormally sore, especially when you go at them super hard?  Yeah, don’t do that this week.  It’s a little bit too late to be training for the competition now.  I encourage you to get into the gym every day, because I want to see your smiling faces, but your last hard workout of the week should be Wednesday, and even that one should be not a guns blazing effort.  Embrace scaling.  If you want to try out the competition workouts during Open Gym time, that should replace your workout for the day.
On Thursday, come in and just work on mobility — we can set you up with a long ROMWOD.  On Friday, jog an 800M and then stretch your legs as you drink 40 oz of water with electrolytes.  These are just ideas, but the key is that you should not be showing up to the event stiff and sore.
Going with the theme of feeling good on Saturday morning, eat and drink less crap this week.  More vegetables and fruit, less sugar and alcohol.  Many of you are already dialed in here, but there is always one thing that we hold as a vice, and this would be a good week to abstain, in the name of feeling your best at gametime.
More stretching, more water, throughout the week.  Cleanse and heal the body.
To those of you competing next weekend, best of luck!  Competitive CrossFit is a super intense environment but also should be super fun.  Remember to smile and have a good time!  We’ll be cheering for you.

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