SEAL Team 21666

Navy SEALs are always laughing

Everyone forgot their uniforms

To quote the great Andy Booze, “someone needs to take Kenny’s internet access away”.  As previously noted, Kenny found a great workout to do if time is not a limiting factor on, a gut-busting combination of 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 situps and 400 squats, followed by a 3-mile run.  Andy, Kenny, and Chris talked each other into it with a combination of trash talk and motivational speaking, and walked in the gym at 9am today with a steely look in their eyes.
While Brian (visiting from Japan) took down “Angie” in 38 minutes, Kent Island’s own SEAL Team got their workout done in 82:45 (Kenny), 92:32 (Andy) and 101:27 (Chris).  Once the clock started there was no mention of turning back, just alot of unkind words for Kenny’s first attempt at programming weekend workouts.
Congrats to these guys for an amazing challenge met head-on, and have a very restful Sunday!

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