Sign Up for You, Show Up for Us

When I get introduced to someone for the first time, it usually goes something like this:

My friend:  “This is Ryan, he owns a gym.”

Me:  “Yeah, but a CrossFit gym.”

New guy, confused as to why I would specify that: “Ok…..”

Me:  “I guess what I meant was… it’s not just a gym.”

New guy:  “What do you mean?”

My friend:  “Oh, not this again.”

Me:  “It’s a gym, but it’s also, like… a community.”

New guy backs slowly away.


Community.  Boom, there it is – the word that appears in 99% of my writing, and for good reason.  It’s not just a buzzword for me, and for us as CrossFit Kent Island.  Community is the best word I can use to define it.  Community is what it feels like in our airplane hangar filled with weights and pull-up bars and a single ski-erg.  When we “go to the gym,” it’s not just to put our heads down and workout.  We show up to the gym randomly with cookies, or mimosas at 5am for someone’s birthday.  To that extent, we know all our workout buddies’ birthdays, what sports their kids play, how they are feeling today, and what they hope to do with their lives.  We “go to the gym” to see our friends.

In my last post, I half-jokingly stated that I liked seeing class reservations being cancelled, because that means that at least those people had PLANNED to come to class.  But again, planning to workout is a great first step but only that!  The next step, where the results that we’re all looking for come in, is following through and showing up!  But know that you’re not just showing up to fulfill your plans – you’re showing up for your friends!  You should know that YOU are a huge part of the CrossFit community, especially in the class that you regularly attend.  When you don’t show up, we miss you!  And we wonder why you’re not there, how you’re doing – we’re stressed out!  How many times have you walked into the gym a couple minutes late, and as you turn the corner someone sighs with relief, “There she is!” and the whole group smiles and waits their turn to high-five you as you join the class.  It happens every day!
The happiness that you feel when you walk into CrossFit Kent Island and see your friends is not a one-way street.  They are also wonderfully happy to see you!  So you’ve signed up for class, and we love to see your name on the roster, we’re excited to see you.  Now show up for Us!

Next week is our first ever Bring a Friend Week!  We’re excited to meet the people in your life that you enjoy being around, because we’re sure to enjoy them too!  They sound awesome!  They can’t be too good of an athlete though, guys – no one likes being beat by the new guy.
Feel free to send this email to your friends, so they can get a preview of what they’re getting into (and maybe they’ll show up with cookies?).  And they’ll also get this link they can use to reserve a spot in any class they’d like to for the entire week!

See you guys again soon in the gym community!


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