Today was one of those superhot days that you just want to stay inside, or maybe venture out on the water drinking some cold beers, or maybe do a pullup-pushup-situp pyramid workout that takes upwards of 30 minutes of continuous movement.  Man, what a gasser, but definitely got some endurance work as well as some math skillwork counting and multiplying those reps all the way up and down the ‘mid.
Here’s a pic of Andy sweating to the oldies and knocking out the last of a long set of situps.  Thanks Alyssa for taking some pics today!

3 rounds for time:
10 Ground to Overhead, 95/45lbs
200M Shuttle Run (50M sprint X 4)

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  1. Thanks for letting me come in for Open Gym on Saturday with my sister. I had a blast. I will be back in town all next week and will be dropping in with Alyssa!

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