Thank You, Veterans

Veterans Day is a special American holiday because it sets aside a day for us all to think about and thank those in our local communities that have stepped up in service to our country.  Choosing to be a warrior, with all of its demands, sacrifices and risks, is no small leap.  There are many other professions that might offer the same excitement, and without the shadow aspect of a violent death being a very real outcome.  Our nation’s veterans, our WARRIORS past and present, are true professionals who embody courage, excellence, leadership, and service.

Today, as our country stands divided over petty political arguments, let us together put that aside and instead take the time to reach out to a friend or family member who has served.  Let’s let them know we appreciate what they have done and will continue to do for our country.  One day isn’t enough, but it’s a good reminder on an annual basis of the daily sacrifices that members of our military make to get ready for war, and then step up to fight and win when their time comes.

Happy Veterans Day to CFKI members Alan, Andrew, Ben, Ben, Bo, Brendan, Bruce, Dante, Emily, Irish, James, Jamie, Josh, JT, Ken, Nate, Nick, Omar, Peter, Robie, Ryan, Tim, Wayne.