Coach Highlight: Jessica

Our last coach in seniority but first place in Spotify playlists and HR complaints, ladies and gentlemen please welcome Coach Jessica Davis to the blogosphere.  Jess joined the CFKI coaching ranks in 2021 after being one of our original members who got to experience the glory of “the old gym” on Butterworth Court, and growing as an athlete and a very active contributor to the CFKI culture through the years.

As a coach, Jessica excels at understanding the stimulus of a workout and getting her athletes to scale appropriately, keeping everyone safely working hard.  She commands a large group and keeps everyone on task and moving, while at the same time providing personal attention.

You can find Jess at the gym coaching on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, after she has escaped her day job as a environmental scientist and project manager for an offshore wind power company.  You can find your way to her heart by discussing squat depth, music of all sorts, and rose wine.  You can incur the wrath of Jess by lifting too much weight, resting, or bringing up Penn State football.

Here’s Jess in her own words:
I started CrossFit in 2013 as a way to lose weight. I was looking for something with more intensity than the running and boot camp workouts that I had been doing. When I walked into my first on-ramp class, I had no idea how CrossFit would change my life. Sure, I’ve lost the weight, but it pales in comparison to what I’ve gained. The community, the confidence, the mental toughness…all of these things have been instrumental to my personal growth over the past several years.

Eight years later, after some encouragement from friends, I decided to take the plunge and become a coach. It is unlike anything I’ve ever done before and a new and exciting challenge that I accept with open arms. I coach in the hopes that I can have an impact on someone’s life like CrossFit and the coaches have had on mine.

Thank you Jess for everything you have done for our CFKI athletes and your injection of hard work, positivity, and humor into our community over the years.  It wouldn’t be the same without you!


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