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As most of you know, earlier this year Brian Stump, a CFKI athlete and father of two athletes as well, was diagnosed with Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN), a very rare and very terrible disease.  You can check out this link for more information.  He is being treated with chemotherapy, among other things, and the good news is that his latest round of chemo is almost over.  The bad news is that his chemo treatments are being denied payment by his insurance company because he does not have cancer.  As you can imagine, chemo is an expensive procedure and whether he is fighting the insurance company or paying for it himself, Brian needs our help.
On November 22nd, 2014, CrossFit Kent Island will host “Fight for Brian”, a fitness challenge that is geared toward CrossFitters but open to the public.  You do not have to be a master of gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting to be able to compete in this challenge.
The cost of entering the competition is $10 until October 31st, and $15 afterwards.  What we would like to ask of each competitor, and even those not competing, is to make a donation to Brian’s fund on top of that entry fee.  Brian is aware that we are including a fundraiser for him in this event, but what he’s not yet aware of his how many friends he has at CrossFit Kent Island, and how much they want him to be able to pull through this, both healthfully and financially.
Check back in here and at our Facebook page for more updates.
The competition workouts are slowly being released, once per week, to registered attendees.  Here are the workouts releaseed to-date:
8 minute AMRAP of 10 Burpees, 50M Run
Score is total # of Burpees performed
– As many Shoulder-to-Overhead reps as possible in 30 seconds, 45/35 lbs
– Rest 30 seconds
– As many Shoulder-to-Overhead reps as possible in 30 seconds, 70/50 lbs
– Rest 30 seconds
– As many Shoulder-to-Overhead reps as possible in 30 seconds, 95/65 lbs
– Rest 30 seconds
– As many Shoulder-to-Overhead reps as possible in 30 seconds, 115/80 lbs
– Rest 30 seconds
– As many Shoulder-to-Overhead reps as possible in 30 seconds, 135/95 lbs
Score is total # of Shoulder-to-Overhead reps performed, regardless of weight.
5 minute AMRAP of:
– 5 reps of a Weightlifting movement, moderate weight
– 10 reps of a Gymnastic (bodyweight) movement
The actual movements for WOD 3 will be chosen by a roll of the dice prior to the beginning of WOD 1.  The possible movements are:
– Weightlifting:  Deadlift, Front Squat, Kettlebell Swing, Wallball (med ball throw against wall), Ground-to-Overhead (any technique to get the weight from the ground to overhead)
– Gymnastics:  Squat, Push-up, Sit-up, Lunge, Box Jump
– The gym will be open for check-in from 8am to 8:45am.  Please do not arrive any later than 8:45am if you are competing!
– At 8:50am we will determine the movements of WOD 3 via a roll of the dice, and brief the competitors on the standards for WOD 1
– At 9am we will begin WOD 1.  There will be 2 heats, and you will be assigned a heat upon check-in.  We are planning for this workout to be outside, so please plan accordingly with gloves and warm layers.  There is currently no chance of rain/snow for Saturday, but it will be cold.
– At 9:30am we will brief the competitors on WOD 2
– At 9:40am we will begin WOD 2 for women
– At 10:20am we will begin WOD 2 for men
– At 11am we will brief the competitors on WOD 3
– At 11:10am we will begin WOD 3, and will have 7 competitors in each heat.  At this point we are planning on 8 heats, so we should wrap up WOD 3 a little after 12pm.
– Lunch and a drink will be provided by Brian’s sister Donna for all competitors and volunteers.  Please feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks as well.
– There will be space in the gym to warm-up and relax in between WODs, but you are also welcome to hang out outside.  Please bring a folding chair with you if you’d like to sit – we do not have enough seating for more than 10 people!
Please feel free to email with any questions.  We’re really looking forward to this event!!
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