First Fran

Getting through “Fran” for the first time is like getting a huge weight off your shoulders, literally as well as figuratively!  Fran is just as much of a mental game as it is physical, where you have to challenge yourself to get back to the bar much more quickly than your body is telling you to.  “Just get one rep” is my motto from now on with Fran, because as soon as you step up to the squat rack or pullup rig again and get one rep, you realize you can get two, maybe three or four?
I could go on forever about strategy for Fran (especially because I ADDED 7 SECONDS TO MY TIME TODAY and I keep thinking about it) but instead it’s time to get into the success stories.
Andy, Kenny, Bobby, Alex, Alyssa, and Jimmy all hit “Fran” for the first time today, and Shawn yesterday.  The times ranged from 4:26 (new gym record for Kenny!) to 12:51.  Let me repeat that the last finisher finished under 13 minutes, and that was for someone brand new to CrossFit!  Pretty awesome.
And check out Kenny getting work done with that 4:26 – almost “Elite” as Alex kept reminding him as he got close to that 4 minute mark.
Here are some after-action pics from today.  Great job again everyone, and Happy 4th of July!  Get some rest, eat some good food, and we’ll see you all again on Thursday!

Alex, Kenny, Bobby, and Andy after their first Fran experience!

Alyssa, Jay, Andrea and Kyle hamming it up after their first Fran at CFKI!

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