January 5th, 2013

One more newbie tonight – this time Dan’s friend Kristi gave it a try and killed the WOD!  Thanks to Dan for sharing the CrossFit love and to Kristi for the outstanding effort.
When it came down to the wire, Kenny got the time to beat (with no more classes to beat him!) with a strong 18:40 Rx.  Kristi (19:00, 35lb Front Squat & Clean), Dan (19:15 Rx), and Craig (19:53 Rx) all joined Kenny under the 20min mark.
Skillwork/Strength:  Partner Tire Flips and Rolls
Work Capacity: 
AMRAP in 20 mins:
– 50ft Tire Flip (2-3 athletes per tire)
– 25 Pushups
Wear some work gloves and old clothes – these tires are dirty in every sense of the word!

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