July 12th, 2012

Fight Gone Bad… named by MMA fighter BJ Penn after he did the workout and thought it reminded him of a cage match that went terribly wrong.  5 minutes of pure movement and pain, 1 minute of sucking wind, and then get after it again!
Big ups to Craig for besting a tough time of 280 set by Alex with his even 300 score.  Very impressive by both athletes and everyone that gave it their all.
The first annual “Kenny Seeling Integrity Award” goes to none other than Kenny Seeling for calling himself out at not going hard enough in the 6pm class and sticking around to repeat two more rounds at 7pm.  That type of honesty and toughness is built on years of hard work and constantly pushing past your limits, but also just a sign of pure character.
3 Rounds for time:
30 Double-Unders
20 Wallballs, 20/10 lb ball
10 Pullups

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