Programming Note

After a few tough months of strength programming followed each day by metcons (timed WODs to test your work capacity), we’re going to dial back the volume a bit and follow more of a prescription of choosing one fitness variable to dial up each day.  So if we’re going to go heavy on a strength workout, that will be the sole focus of the day.  If we’re going to go short and fast, then it’s short and fast and that’s it.  Sometimes we’ll skirt the middle ground and go heavy for a long workout, more of a strength-stamina focus.  Either way, we will include some progressive warmups and cool-downs that will focus on mobility and recovery, so that your newfound beach bodies can continue to perform at work and play and not be grounded by soreness.
To that end, many of our workouts in the next few weeks will be direct pulls from, so if you haven’t been tracking your workout results in, now is the time to start, as you will be able to get direct feedback on your result by comparing it to the thousands of other athletes that use that tool.
Hope everyone had a great weekend, now let’s get prepped for a fun week in the gym!  Eat well, drink water, and get plenty of sleep.  Take advantage of the lower volume of work and get after these workouts!

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