"Keeps me strong"

“Ok, I’m 61 and yes I’m an athlete. I know, how is that even possible? My hobby is obstacle course racing, endurance events , and basically anything hard,  challenging, or crazy.  The great coaching at CFKI and varied functional movements performed at high intensity, keep me strong, flexible and healthy and young.
I met the owners of CFKI, and 3 other box members at a 12-hour nighttime endurance event in Annapolis, temps hovered around 14 degrees that night the six of us carried heavy stuff, fought through snow, fell on ice, and suffered as we learned to work as a team. Souls were crushed that night, but bonds of friendship were also formed. I realized that night that my teammates were awesome people & Ryan and Denee were two of the nicest, most genuine, caring people I had ever met. That was more than two years ago, and sure enough, they attract the best people…”

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