December 4th, 2012

Ryan Matis and Jimmy engaged in a brutal Clean battle during Elizabeth!

Sweet job on Elizabeth, everyone!  This is definitely one of the more challenging benchmark workouts, not many people can even attempt to do it as prescribed because of the heavyweight cleans and the strength-sapping ringwork.  Kenny dominated this one as he did a few months ago, shaving more than a minute off his time and landing at 4:34.  BEAST!  Craig and Matis also jumped under 8 minutes as Rx’d, and the ladies of 6pm (Athena, Claire, Heather) also worked their way to sub-8-minutes, working with 65lbs on the bar.
Partner workout for time and max Muscle-up reps:
– Partner A does GHD Situps in the rep scheme below, while Partner B does as many Muscle-ups (or grounded MUs) as possible.  After Partner A completes a set, rotate and Partner B completes the same set.
– GHD Situp sets: 25-20-15-10-5

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