Eastern Shore Affiliate Challenge

The Snatch Ladder event

The CFKI team at the Challenge!

We did it!  Yesterday Andy, Alyssa, Athena, Chris, Craig, Heather, Kenny and myself competed in the 3rd annual Eastern Shore Affiilate Challenge and had an awesome time.  It was the first CrossFit competition for any of us, and so there was a lot to be experienced for the first time:  the adrenaline-fueled bug-eyed feeling before your heat of each WOD, the thrill of finishing a workout and reporting your time to the judges, and the disappointment of not winning the whole damn thing!
I think every one of our competitors got at least one new personal record in the individual WODs at the Challenge, too!  Personally, I hit a PR in the mile run (6:14) and was disappointed in my finish in the Snatch Ladder (135lbs).  If you got a new PR in the Mile or Snatch, post a comment- it’s not bragging, we all want to know!
After the Individual WODs were complete, we had two athletes in the top 10: Alyssa was the #3 Female and Andy was the #8 Male!  Woohoo!!
In the final portion of the Challenge, we were eliminated in the first round of three, and CF Salisbury (starring Alyssa’s sister Lisa) won for the second straight year.  Great job to Lisa, Adam, Cam and the CF Salisbury team!
Denee and the kids were along as cheerleaders and logistical officers, and got a couple sweet pics, check ’em out.
Overall, I can’t wait for next year’s ESAC, but I can’t wait that long to get another competition under my belt.  This experience has lit a fire in my belly again to reach the peak of my athleticism and compete to win these things.  I hope that some of you are with me in wanting to compete, and fully understand that some might not be.  Either way, we will continue to focus on getting work done at CFKI and making each other better every day!

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