Elite and Superfreak

Kenny thrusting his way to a 3:23 Fran

Andy hitting a sweet split jerk

Before the 6pm class got the WOD in today, Andy and I decided that a sub-5-min Fran time would be considered “Elite” and a sub-4-min Fran was “Superfreak”.  Well maybe that means there are a couple new nicknames deserved by our hardworking athletes who jumped all over those times tonight and blew out their previous scores:  Andy “Elite” Booze charged through Fran in 4:21, beating Kenny’s previous record of 4:26, followed by Kenny “Superfreak” Seeling’s own new ridiculous time of 3:23.  I didn’t know whether to congratulate these guys or get an ambulance on call, because they absolutely left it all out on the mat tonight, leaving themselves with a hard recovery period but also a massive feeling of accomplishment.
Fran is a nasty, tough, obliterating workout for everyone, and there were several other big score improvements across the board tonight, including Andrea at 8:47 (previous 9:58), Craig at 5:49 as Rx’d, Colleen at 10:21, and Heather at 10:27.  Big first time efforts as well by Byron (8:14 as Rx’d), Ryan Matis (7:33 as Rx’d), Jim (13:04 as Rx’d including a nasty head-ceiling collision on the second round of pullups!), Shawn (9:45), and Athena (5:41).
As a reminder, no class or open gym tomorrow as I’ll be getting my CrossFit Gymnastics certification in Easton.  Get a long run or bike in, and relax on Sunday – we’ll get back into the Olympic lifts starting with the Clean on Monday!

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