February 12th, 2013

Tomorrow we’ll reintroduce the “pistol” or one-legged squat, get warmed up with some increasing deadlifts, and then…
Strength:  15 mins to find 1RM Deadlift
Work Capacity:
AMRAP in 7 mins:
– 7 Deadlifts at 80% of 1RM
– Run 30M (curb and back)
– 14 Pistol Squats
– 21 Double-Unders
– Run 30M

2 Replies to “February 12th, 2013”

  1. Looks like I need to add some more Deadlift PRs to the list:
    Dana 285lbs
    Craig 405lbs
    Kenny 475lbs (ran out of bar room)
    SWEET – and the purchase order for some steel plates to add to our Deadlift will be in soon!

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