January 26th, 2013

Hell yeah guys – way to give it all on “Roy” today!  Jim, Tracy and Twitty tackled the WOD this morning – a Hero WOD has got to be the best wake-up call of all time.  Athena, Craig, Heather, Julia, Matis and myself took on the Deadlift/Box Jump/Pullup extravaganza this evening, afterwards starting a Friday night tradition that you’ll have to be there to find out about.  Trust me, it’s cool if you’re into CrossFit but even more into recovery.  I didn’t get a snapshot of the final times tonight, but suffice it to say that Craig picked up the best time of the Rx’ers.  Great job everyone!
Tomorrow we get the KIHS wrestling team in the gym for a team workout!  Super pumped about that.  But first, we’ll get together at 9am for a fun “feats of strength” type WOD that I ripped from the main site a few days ago:
L-sit for time
Handstand walk for distance or Handstand (against wall or free-standing) for time
Chest to bar weighted pull-up for load
Snatch 1 rep for load

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