July 24th, 2012

Death by 30 reps!  Today’s workout was a “chipper” which means one very challenging movement after another, and this time each included 30 tough reps.  There was a race to the finish line in the 6pm class, with Andy ahead of Kenny’s pace through the first 4 exercises and Kenny pulling out a win at the end with his pullup prowess – Kenny finished at 9:05, Andy at 9:09.
Our newest member Heather Ruby attended her first class this morning, and polished off the workout in 11:10 – great job, Heather!
A team workout where everyone in the class is on the same team.  In 20 minutes:
One person Runs 800M
While they are running, the other teammates get as many reps as possible of:
– 2nd teammate: Rowing (calories)
– 3rd teammate:  Medicine Ball Clean
– 4th teammate:  Box Jumpovers
– 5th teammate:  Burpees
When the runner is done, everyone rotates into the next exercise, with the last teammate beginning a run.
Final score for the team is total reps of all movements.  Each classes’ score will be converted to a 5-person score.

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