T-Shirt Contest!

A CrossFit box without a t-shirt is like a hobo without a bottle of Peach Schnapps – it just doesn’t happen!  So we need to get on top of the t-shirt game, and I am terrible at designing things (something I learned in my previous life as a healthcare consultant, where among other duties, I designed things).  So I need your help!
Here’s the deal:
1. Bring in an awesome design for a CrossFit Kent Island t-shirt by Friday, July 27th
– The design should incorporate our CrossFit Kent Island logo (pasted below, let me know if you want me to email it to you)
– No references to alcohol, lewdness, or other crazy stuff you wouldn’t want your kids to wear
2. I will check out all the designs, and pick one that I like the best.
3. The winner will get one free month membership, and can work with me to get the t-shirts into production

Bring on the creativity!

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