June 5th, 2013

Active recovery day after a couple shorties but toughies – the type of workout that CrossFit detractors don’t understand and never will.  “You guys did a 4 minute workout?  Yeah, sounds like a great program… (insert sarcasm here)”  When you push as hard as it takes to do that workout in 4 minutes, you’re coming from such a complete different vantage point that it’s hard to even fathom how they don’t understand, but you just have to get them in the gym and make them do it.  It’s the only way they’ll get it, and you also get the satisfaction of watching them squirm through a tough one while you lightly towel yourself off and say “No sweat!”  So that’s my recruiting message:  Bring your friends, see them in pain, make them better men and women – people you respect even more for putting out everyday the way that you do.

The 5:30 class pushing through 30 Burpee Muscle-ups!

Squat Snatch practice, 15 mins
Work Capacity:
Four rounds for time:
Run 400M
20 Pistol Squats

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