May 29th, 2013

Here we go Wednesday!  Of course it feels like Tuesday, unless you were here for the ’21 Gun Salute’ on Tuesday, in which case it probably feels like it should be Saturday again.  Unless of course you smoked that thing like Matis and Grantham, the elite pairing of the night, at 29:54.  Pretty amazing, dudes!
Let’s do a little Thruster workout to get some confidence in moving heavy weight in that movement and answer one of the questions on whether you could compete in the upcoming ESAC as an Rx’d athlete or Scaled.  If you can lift 65 lbs (ladies) or 95 lbs (dudes) for 3 reps, and can do a full pushup, you’re Rx’d baby!
Then we’ll do a mile repeat, testing your ability to come back strong after a short rest.

Craig and Heather pushing through a Fireman Carry Squat

Strength:  Thruster 3-3-3-3-3
For time:
– Run 1 mile
– Rest 3 minutes
– Run 1 mile

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