Member Referral Program

Now that the Open is over, the season of giving away free membership months is over, right?  WRONG!  I’m sure you guys all saw that coming…
Announcing the new CFKI Member Referral Program!
If you bring in a friend and they end up purchasing a monthly membership, you will receive a free month tacked onto your current agreement.  Simple as that!
Here are a couple guidelines:
1.  Your friend may come to one group class with you, but don’t just bring them in and ditch them so you can lift heavy.  Of course a CFKI trainer will be enthusiastically coaching their face off, but they would probably also appreciate if you would hang by in case they have CrossFit or general life questions like “what’s a snatch?” or “where do I throw up?”
2.  If your friend has never done CrossFit regularly before, they will need to complete the Fundamentals course ($100 for 4 sessions) before signing up for a monthly membership.  If someone can demonstrate basic knowledge of the CrossFit movements then they can begin group classes immediately.

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