Monkey in the Middle

I’m thinking this will be a game we can play on Saturday’s when the weather is supposed to be shitty (although the weatherman has been pretty wrong the past few days!) ┬áMost of the exercises here can be done indoors… can you pick the odd one out?
“Monkey in the Middle”
One person starts in the middle of the gym and performs 25 Sandbag Get-ups, while everyone else starts at a different station and performs AMRAP of the following:
– Wallballs, 10 lbs
– Box Jumps, 20 in
– Power Cleans, 65 lbs
– Double-Unders
– Row (calories)
– Push-ups
– Kettlebell Swings, 35 lbs
– Tire Flips, 300 lbs
“My doctor recently told me that jogging could add years to my life. I think he was right. I feel ten years older already.”
– Milton Berle

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