New Open Gym Schedule

As some of you know, we started offering a 10am class on Monday/Wednesday/Friday back in June, and while it was popular in the summer, the attendance has since trailed off.  That time also happens to coincide with my most convenient training time.  Since I will be at the gym and training, beginning on October 28th we will begin offering…
Open Gym every weekday, 10am-11:30am!
Note that Open gym means that a coach will be there making sure that you don’t do anything tremendously stupid, but they may also be training so please do not expect the same level of coaching that you would get at the group classes.  During Open Gym you can do the Workout of the Day, another workout you’ve been dying to hit, work on some technique or get a lift in.
Consider the rules of Open Gym to be:
1. Train Hard
2. Stay Safe
3. Have Fun!
Please check the schedule and sign up online via this link.  I will blog about any cancellations or schedule changes and get them on any and all social media outlets that are available to me (so… Facebook), but the final say on whether Open Gym is happening is whether it still appears on the schedule.
Finally, please note the following:
1. Signing up for Open Gym does not count toward your number of classes that you can attend per week.  So, if you have a 3x/week membership and come to Open Gym on Monday, you can still sign up for 3 group classes during that week.  However…
2. You must be a paid member to come to an Open Gym.  This is NOT the time to bring a friend, because as stated above our coaches who are in the gym at the time will also be training and so not able to give full attention to a new person working out.

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