October 17th, 2012

Today we continued down the road to the ultimate Snatch by learning a new move: the Snatch Balance.  By breaking down the movement into just this dynamic overhead squat, we are building confidence getting down low quickly, athletically, and with a consistent technique.  You guys all did great, and again made great strides by keeping the weight to a minimum until the comfort level being at the bottom of the squat was there.  Outstanding!
Then we switched gears into a conditioning WOD of 10 mins of Jump Rope… and Burpees!  Congrats to Ryan K and Craig who both blitzed their way over 1,000 jumps, and of course to Athena who managed 42 Burpees.  Someone get her a new rope!
3 Rounds for time:
15 GHD Bench Presses, 45/15 lbs
25 GHD Back Extensions
Run 800M

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