October 19th, 2012

Heavy Squats!  That’s my new synonym for Holy S&!$.  You guys killed some Back Squats today, with great range of motion all the way down to the bottom.  Sweet!  Heavy Squats are a great builder for Snatch and Clean power, as are KB Swings with the big hip drive that is analogous to the “jump” in the beginning of the Oly lifts.
Big ups to Heather (4:58 @ 45lb squat, 26lb KBS), Alyssa (7:14 Rx), Craig (165lb squat) and Andy (10:06 Rx) who led the league today, and also to Athena who got her first pullup!
For time:
Run 800 meters
10 rounds of the couplet:
– 10 Handstand Push-ups
– 10 One-legged Squats
Run 800 meters

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