What is GamePlan?

CFKI Members,

We are proud to announce we have begun a partnership with GamePlan Nutrition, a company that offers supplements (protein, pre-workout/energy, recovery, fish oil) as well as CrossFit-geared drinks (Kill Cliff, FitAid, coconut water) and snacks (Best Bar Ever).  You can buy them online at our custom website (https://kentisland.gameplan.com) and they are shipped directly to you so you don’t have to pay cash at the box, and you get it a bit cheaper than buying it directly from the individual vendors.  They’re always adding new stuff too, so if there is something GamePlan doesn’t carry that you would like to buy online, let me know and I’ll pass it down the line!

Check out this movie for some more info, and then come talk to one of us about what GamePlan products you should be supplementing your diet with.


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